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Two people with rafflesia flowers for heads, having sought after each other for lifetimes, came together and bloomed. The largest flowers in the world, the rafflesia only opens after four years. And they waltz together in some public school gymnasium; you know, where a life-long connection should have happened, once. As adults now, the two of them cover the floor with legs like protractors. Then they get a whiff of it. The aroma of their flowers, pockmarked orange pedals, measuring a meter in width, fills the gymnasium; a smell that lies flat across the painted floors. The stench of death. The scavengers’ beacon.
The largest flower in the world smells like an exaggeration, a thousand deaths. And for a moment the dancers pull each other closer despite of it; for a moment, they are actually bound together despite of it - until it becomes overwhelming. They realize their deaths. The floor seems to drop out from beneath them and they are nobodies and nowhere and there is nothing betw
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The application process for a middle-class galaxy...
3.9 billion years ago, there wasn't even nothing because it wasn't permitted.
Previous Universes had been appraised, scrutinized, then stamped as liability hazards - conformed to the police-state known as the singularity.
It was the ultimate authoritarian achievement. Nothing could go wrong if it didn't exist.
In the instant the memo appeared there were born two parties herein known as The Committee, whom read the memo, and The Applicant, whom wrote it.
In response to the memo, the Committee returned application 957, The 'Illumination' Request Form, to The Applicant several times. It had been filled out sloppily, in red pen - in the dark.
To file a request for light meant you had to have previously requested light in order to see the required paperwork.
It was then communicated that the request be amended, adding the phrasal adjective 'a tincy wincy bit of' to the imperative 'Let there be light,' therefore allowing the applicant to s
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The White Wolf and the Ewe
The sheep looks down long grass; down the crease in a blade leading to the bare earth. Still the sheep don't eat.
Then the fear sets in and scatters sheep running like billiard balls across the field. They stare at the stone walls listlessly.
From the roundabout at the end of the road, the farmer stands in the wind at dusk and watches with a shovel in his hand.
Whose lead were they following now?
There had been a wolf the month before. A white wolf. An Arctic wolf as white as a lamb. He chased it away, but it returned. It drank their milk. It grazed, then spat up.
Then the wolf mounted the farmer's most prized ewe, tearing at the flesh of her neck from behind.
Canines sunk into her eyes. And in the morning, the field looked surgical, white cotton dabbed in blood.
The wolf had dragged the body over the shortest point in the stone wall and all the way into the woods. He laid out the carcass for his pack, wandering into the forest without having eaten. When his partner approached, he gnas
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Kundalini Dreaming
Kundaleni Dreaming
In the north end of the barn were the chicken embryos encased in little plastic boxes shaped like videogame controllers. Each clear plastic unit had three compartments: the first contained amniotic fluid, the second contained a chicken embryo, and the third portion contained the fluids that had already passed through the embryo (waste). Turning the unit upside down and then up right again caused fresh amniotic fluid to feed into the chicken, while the dirty fluid cycled back through a filter and became nutrient-rich again. What did it do, though?
Was it a chicken-powered battery?
On one side of the unit was a small blue panel that displayed the embryo's biometric information, but relied on the motion energy caused by swiveling the unit around to display anything. What's more, the little pink embryo inside would become alive – only for as much energy as the motion, and the cycling of the amniotic fluid, produced. Tiny in my large hands, I flipped one unit and he
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Peep Hole People
A hotel is squeezed on the outskirts of suburbia, under a ledge, an overpass, traffic light shining a triad of colors into the third story – a truck stop between the bowling alley and the Indian buffet and the massage parlor and the Chinese movie rental and the Mosque...and...
Here where no call girls do out-calls, in night's hollow when paranoiacs and insomniacs peep out the holes in doors, in walked a girl, ageless and long-haired.
She would shoot them a glance; and they would sustain it. They would sustain it, grow it, ride it, because it would sustain them – for as long as long as long as they could, slipping bills under the door.
And the door, the daring knew, opened only on an empty hallway of buzzing panel lighting. A fire extinguisher. A sign with an arrow “pool this way”.
After the arrest, it continued. Around once a month, a room door would fling open to an empty corridor. Panting, men asked - and tried to ask calmly - for the girl's phone number, at t
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Thieves Keep Their Hearts.
She's amused and smoking.
The sun rises & falls; her eyes bat and follow.
But days...days are hot, sleepy prairies not spectrally fiends to impress anyone.
Midday light never cuts through clouds of inertia to declare himself with the colours of twilight, nor vengefully breaks himself off, bloodied from her over-crowded mandala-pantheon - with the colours of fall.
Her eyelids are taut-to-translucent in wrapping the studs of her fat pupils gorged on HORROR and every day life.
People at their rawest she evokes; hideous caricatures torn from packaging - sweaty, cheap, one-bedrooms, whispering over second-hand smartphones, terrible singing voices echoing off the landlord's walls long before sunrise on a work-day night.
And as the waves of mutilation break, she gazes out - over her growing ward - with a menthol cigarette. Siva the tourist on her second year of holiday. The gas lamp of a food stand illuminates Krishna on wet pavement, stealing hearts, tearing her throat out to reach second-st
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Cyclically Apart and Together by olpha Cyclically Apart and Together :iconolpha:olpha 0 0
In one aspect, I am merely an incident, a happening, conveniently referred to as 'David,' and somehow by the same token I embody everything, either bigger or smaller than myself.
Last night's macro- and micro- cosmic event involved twelve people, an oddball dynamic, and as many disunities as there tend to be - or more.  There were first-timers, and people who brought iPads to play techno-pop.  But the first thing to happen was a profoundly heavy silence, broken only by laughter.  Then we broke off into groups, went to the beach.  A sad and serious sober woman, my friend Sita, went swimming alone in the terrifying world of coral and tides.  I felt pulled to follow her - which I think was her plan.  I remember saying it felt as though I was walking on 'grass jelly drink' es doger - a dark golf course of cesspools under my feet - and detached biceps eternally seeking their counterparts in the Indian Ocean to form bodies. 
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PAPUA MERDEKA by olpha PAPUA MERDEKA :iconolpha:olpha 0 0
Bale: The Last Childhood-Morning of the World
Balé: The Last Childhood-Morning of the World & The Island of the Gods
       "Do you have time to come and play?" her dark irises gestured towards
the strip of grass dividing her house and her neighbors'.
       The strip of grass lead to the backyard she called Balé.
       I had a book to read.  The Call of the Wild.  I had two pages of math
- algae-blah.  And yet I had no good reason not to follow little Yuni.
       Balé was a tall forest, thickly fogged, eerily still.  Looking out
between the limbs, we could see the neighbors' satellites, SUVs, and
dogs on leashes.
       "The white monkey is watching over us!" said Yuni, who took my hand,
and lead my stiff torso into the shaded forest.  "The tuyul are moving
out of his way as he goes!"
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Mirror Science by olpha Mirror Science :iconolpha:olpha 0 0
Sun, Allah, Love, Oil
The sun is everything, but the naked eye can never pin it down. It is that elephant in our atmospheric living room. It peddles bikes, builds walls, brings the canopies closer, sails across the Pacific in a yacht, greens leaves, bakes the tranced frog & the lost Mongol, and is as the head of all mobs in its unaccountability.
It gives - all the while glaring at those receiving - refusing any credit or blame. It is an exemplary one-way transmission, and its relentlessness - is it obnoxious ego, or selflessness redefined?
Allah is like the sun. Love is like the sun. Oil is like the sun.
These give but cannot receive.
These are dubious offerings behind shields of blinding light.
These are things you can't get to the bottom of.
These are always to the right or to the left, above or below your gaze.
These are their own blind spots.
These are the cutting eyes of one not knowing how to censor lust and love, flashing irises and pupils, ambiguous in projecting dark possessiveness and lock-jawed y
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motorcycling by olpha motorcycling :iconolpha:olpha 0 0 FORGET by olpha FORGET :iconolpha:olpha 0 0 BerDansa by olpha BerDansa :iconolpha:olpha 0 1

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David Arthur John Breckenridge

Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: shoe gazing
Personal Quote: "A house is just a boat that doesn't float."



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A trip is like a life, & taking a plane like reincarnation. More & more is becoming an extension of departures & arrivals - hives where people don't bother with names & are surprised to see the same face twice. Then life & everything in it - as the largest macrocosm we know - takes on the air of some stretched out & wanton journey from mysterious point A to mysterious point B (and though expectations are minimal, some of us are still pretty impatient). Religions basted the world with signs to regulate behavior of commuters - who eventually found them demeaning, & in some cultures, tore them down - yet perpetuated a worthy few, while adding more based on morality rather than superstitions.

"Mind the gap!"

"Don't litter!"
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